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Biogas Digesters

Putting your waste into a Biogas Digester does several things. 

  • It turns waste into biogas that can replace fossil fuels and wood burning

  • It makes an excellent fertilizer, that is sanitary and very good for all plants

  • It controls the odor at pig, dairy, beef and chicken farms

  • It controls odor at food and plant processing plants

  • It financially helps farmers, communities and businesses

  • It gives homes and businesses a less expensive cooking fuel that replaces LPG

Cenegy Solutions' company policy is to not sell biogas digesters to any potential client that does not plan on utilizing all the biogas they make. It is everyone’s duty to not let biogas leak or be vented into our atmosphere. Cenergy Solutions' closed biogas systems contain manufactured biogas so that all of it can be utilized for cooking, vehicle operation, electrical generation or heating water.

Click on this link for a report on biogas digesters venting biogas into the atmosphere.

Biogas Digester at Facility Lamphun.jpg

Cenergy Solutions has biogas digesters for homes, farms, food processing plants and landfills or any projects to convert organic waste to biogas. Our biogas digester installation teams have over 18 years of experience installing small to mega size digesters for homes, farms or large commercial projects.

Cenergy’s geomembranes have a 10-year warranty and are made according to the highest standards in the industry with continual internal and third-party testing. Cenergy’s geomembranes are certified by ISO, CE, igs, IFAI and NSF. Our High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes feature strong resistance against chemicals, ultraviolet and environmental stress cracking.

Home and mid-size farm biogas digesters are manufactured in our Thailand factory and are available for shipment to anywhere in the world within three business days. These biogas digesters come with detailed video instructions and can be installed by the client without any outside contractors. These systems are easy to install and operate with detailed instructions on how to optimize your biogas production and utilize all the biogas your system makes.

Biogas Digester 2.jpg

Standard Digesters for Homes and Limited Animals based on daily input and output

Standard Digesters for Midsize Farms based on daily input and output

Small Homes 2-28.png
Small Homes 2-28.png
Small Homes 2-28.png
Med Homes 2-28.png

Standard Digesters for Larger Farms and Businesses based on daily input and output

Large Farm 2-28.png
Digester Bladder 4-15-2019.jpg

For larger digesters please email with your source of waste, the amount waste and the location you would like to have the digester installed at and we will be able to give you an preliminary quote by email and if it is in line with your budget we will send our experienced estimator come to your site. Please include your contact name, phone number and the timing of when you want the digester to be installed.

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