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Cenergy research facility in Thailand

A Few of Our Projects

We are currently active in over 9 countries across the globe, working with local communities to implement ABG solutions for practical energy needs.

Please view some of our project highlights below, and Contact Us for more information.

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Cenergy Solutions ABG technology is being used to capture, clean and distribute biogas that has been vented from thousands of pig farms over the last 30 years. The vented biogas is now being distributed to homes and businesses to replace LPG and wood burning for cooking. This helps Thai communities become energy independent, healthier and greener. Cenergy Solutions is also operating delivery vehicles on raw biogas (less the H2S) something that has not been done anywhere in the world.



80% of Nigerians use wood for their cooking and heating needs even though they have an abundance of natural and biogas in their country. Cenergy Solutions ANG technology allows this gas to be captured, stored and transported to replace biomass burning and the high cost of burning LPG, giving Nigerians a more sustainable fuel source, limiting deforestation and promoting energy independence.




Cenergy Solutions is utilizing ANG technology to collect natural gas and transport to outlying areas. This gas is being used to replace LPG, a fossil fuel that is currently being used universally for cooking.



Cenergy Solutions has installed their patented ABG compression system to capture, clean, and distribute the biogas being produced. BioEco Sarl’s Burundi site had an underground biodigester system for wastewater treatment which was generating biogas for several years that occasionally ran a generator but was mostly flaring the biogas. This gas is now being used to cook with instead of cooking with harmful charcoal.




Cenergy Solutions has contracted with a major government contractor to install Cenergy's ABG system to collect, clean and distribute biogas that is now being vented in Laos. Most of the country cooks with wood or coal but now they can replace that dirty fuel with clean, renewable biogas made from their waste. 

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