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Our Background

Energy innovation + global reach.

Cenergy Solutions is a global energy storage company, Adsorbed Biogas (ABG) technical development and component manufacturer. The company was founded in 2012 in California by seasoned businessmen, scientists, chemists and engineers with a goal of helping to reduce pollution and oil dependency around the world.

Cenergy Solutions has offices in Washington, USA and operates a biomethane-powered test ranch in Castro Valley, California with research and manufacturing facilities in Thailand. They also have biogas producing and utilization projects in 9 countries with additional countries being added monthly. 

Our Executive Team

Cenergy Solutions' leadership is made up of business people, scientists and engineers with a wide range of experience.


Gary Fanger

Founder & CEO

Gary manages Cenergy’s world-wide operations and ANG test facility. Gary has extensive experience starting and developing new businesses. He was the founder of a natural gas installation business from 1972 until 1980. Since that time Gary has started and run several international and U.S. businesses. Two of the companies he founded were sold to companies on the American and New York Stock exchanges. Gary is the Team Leader and co-inventor of the patent pending ANG technology that has been developed by Cenergy.


Dr. David Anderson

Director of Technology

David has worked in developing energy related systems for 15 years, including projects in oil and gas, wind, geothermal, and nuclear at GE and Energy Recovery, Inc. As Director of Technology, David is focusing developing and applying Cenergy Solutions ANG technology within optimized systems, fully leverage our patented filter and expertise with adsorbents and vessels. David earned his Ph.D. at Caltech.


Domingo "Sonny" Cabildo III

Regional Director of Marketing, Phillipines

Sonny is based at the Technical Facility in California where he as works as the Regional Director of Marketing for the Phillipines. Sonny also has worked performing experiments and handling the intrumentations and documentation. Sonny holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Don Bosco Technical College in Manila, Phillipines.


Joseph "Rick" Matthews

Reaseach and Development Manager, United States

Rick is is based at the Technical Facility in California where he as works on all the mechanical projects, new inventions, prototypes and equipment testing and research. Rick has an extensive background in custom automotive, hydraulics fabrication, welding, and electrical. 


Laura Skinner

Chief Operating Officer

Laura manages the day-to-day operations at Cenergy’s United States facilities. Laura has extensive management and HR experience. She also supports the sales and marketing efforts of Cenergy by helping close deals with new and existing clients and suppliers. Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from San Francisco State University. Laura has been part of Cenergy Solutions since its inception.

Photo of Cenergy's Director of Business Development, Ken Sawdang

Ken Sawdang

Director of Business Development

Ken has 17 years of professional experience in business management. Ken is the Director of Business Development for Cenergy Solutions, where he is responsible for promoting products, applications and develop business-related needs by sourcing and collaborating with various manufacturers in the supply chain.

Joan Alford_edited_edited.jpg

Joan Alford, MBA

Business Analyst

Joan has extenstive leadership and management experience at U.S. Govenment Research Laboratories. She also worked for Cray Research, a manufacturer of super computers, as a regional analysis manager overseeing employees stationed at client locations such as Boeing, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and NASA. She holds a key Executive MBA from Pepperdine University. Joan is responsible for the strategic organization and execution of marketing initiatives. Her focus is aligning the company’s vision with actionable marketing strategies to strengthen our  international presence.


Kawaljot "Valley" Kaur Khurana

Chief Financial Officer

Valley is a financial officer with over 7 years of experience specializing in Finance, Operations, Cash Flows, Human Resources, and Payroll. She is currently a Chief Financial Officer of Cenergy Solutions and oversees the company's Expenses and Revenue with ongoing expansion efforts. She is a master’s degree holder in Accounting from Punjab University and holds a CPA certification.


Praewwanit "Liew" Saefung

Marketing Director, Thailand and Surrounding Areas

Liew is a Marketing Director for Cenergy Solutions. She plays an important part in advancing the ANG technology to businesses and communities around the world. Before joining Cenergy Solutions, Liew owned an import/export business in supplying the lab and medical equipment to USA. She holds a degree in Industrial management from Chiang Mai University.


Sombat "Ching" Pataranirunkul

Techinical Manager, Asia and Africa

Ching has 25 of experience in industrial work. He is currently working as an ANG system advisor. He has traveled to many places to install ANG distribution systems including India and Burundi. 


Our scope is international, with project sites in 9 countries and more being added monthly.
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