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Customer Testimonials 

Cenergy installs biogas digester at an Elementary/Middle School

Restaurant showing cooking with biogas with a series of burners

Biogas customer for over 1 year discusses the economical advantages of biogas

Biogas customer cooking with biogas

Biogas customer cooking breakfast with biogas

Restaurant owner discussing biogas bringing down her operating costs

Restaurant owner cooking with biogas

New customer discussing cooking with Biogas and the long lasting cylinders

Cenergy customer discusses her expanding business with biogas for cooking

Kriphop Pig Farm owner discussing biogas production as a solution for smell and waste mitigation

Biogas customer discussing how the biogas meets her daily cooking needs and that is is more economical

Imm Dairy Farm owner discusses biogas

Biogas customer discussing cost savings

Biogas customer discussing how she prefers cooking with biogas

Cooking with items from Thai President Foods

Restaurant owner discussing cooking with Biogas and the spreading interest in the product

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