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Investor Projects

Invest in a community for as little as $10,000 USD or up to any amount depending on the size of the project to help replace fossil fuels, wood and coal burning while you help to deliver clean, safe and inexpensive energy for families and businesses to cook with. 


Cenergy Solutions continues to install biogas systems around the world but we need help to convert more communities to clean energy. You can become a Project Investor and get 15% annual interest on the money you loan, get profit sharing for 10 years and have the knowledge that you helped families, a community and the Earth to be healthier.


You choose the community you want to help anywhere in the world and we do the rest, installation, operations, monitoring, billing and accounting for a biogas system that will help 100 to 1,000 homes and businesses cook with biogas instead of LPG or biomass. 


Email us at for more information.  

CS 10101 Laos


Investment Opportunity


These biogas digesters in Laos have been venting/flaring for the last 6 years. They have released over 350,000 m³ of biogas into the atmosphere. While the Laotian people in the area are cooking with LPG.

CS 10103 Thailand

Lamphun, Thailand Imm Farm

Investment Opportunity

Picture1 Thailand.jpg

The Imm Farm Project offers a unique opportunity to invest in a profitable and
environmentally friendly venture within the heart of Thailand's agricultural sector. Imm Farm boasts a successful tra
ck record.

CS 10104 Thailand

Lamphun, Thailand

Pig Farm

Investment Opportunity

Cenergy research facility in Thailand

Three pig farms that had been venting biogas from their digesters for over 30 years became part of Cenergy Solutions project to supply biogas to the local Thai village. This biogas filling station now has these 5 pig farms feeding it.

CS 10106 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Tirapad Farm

Investment Opportunity

Tirapad Farm.jpg

Tirapad Farm represents a unique opportunity to invest in a high-growth pig farm on the cusp of launch. With an experienced owner and a strategically-sized operation, Tirapad Farm is poised to become a potential partner.

CS 10108 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Pad Farm 2

Investment Opportunity

Pad Farm 2.jpg

Pad Farm 2, with 1,400 pigs is overflowing with untapped potential. Just like its sister farm, it harbors a treasure trove of biogas which is currently locked away.

CS 10110 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Yingjareun Farm

Investment Opportunity

Yingjareun Farm.jpg

Mr. Khampeera's passion for farming spans over a decade,  his farm stands as a testament to his dedication. While he captures 40% of his biogas with two generators the rest remains unused polluting our environment.

CS 10112 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Jansom Farm

Investment Opportunity

Jansom Farm.jpg

Mr. Jansom Ladkhai has nurtured Jansom Farm for over a decade, utilizing biogas for his ventilation system. Sixty five percent of this valuable resource escapes unused, polluting the environment.

CS 10114 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Praderm Farm 1

Investment Opportunity

Praderm Farm 1.jpg

Mr. Payathai's 1,800-pig farm is overflowing with potential, but valuable biogas is being wasted. A broken digester forces him to flare or vent this clean energy source, harming the environment.

CS 10117 Thailand

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand

Siam Farm

Investment Opportunity


The fueling station would collect biogas from the pig farm in Ban Phraek Subdistrict for use as cooking gas. It's estimated to yield 600 m³ of biogas, benefiting 1300 households.

CS 10102 Thailand

Tak, Thailand Investment Opportunity


In Tak, Thailand there are 6 pig farms with digesters, which were installed to reduce smell and make fertilizer. The 600 m³ per day of biogas also being made have been vented for the last twenty years.

CS 10119 Haiti

Delmas, The Ouest Department

Community Biogas Project

Investment Opportunity

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-30 at 12.10.04 (2).jpeg

This represents a unique opportunity to set up a biogas system that can grow to serve an entire city.  Residents of Delmas are using wood, charcoal, and propane to cook and want an economical and environmentally friendly option.

CS 10105 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand Kamonrat Farm Investment Opportunity

Kamonrat Farm.jpg

Kamonrat Farm, with its 10-year legacy, generates significant biogases from
their 1,000 pigs. They currently utilize only 30%, while the rest escapes, polluting the environment and wasting valuable energy.

CS 10107 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Pad Farm 1

Investment Opportunity

Pad Farm 1.jpg

Pad Farm1 isn't just a pig farm; it's a testament to Mr. Pradit Longpanta and Maepad's 13-year commitment to sustainable agriculture and profitability. They're not just raising livestock, they're generating renewable energy.

CS 10109 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Thanin Farm

Investment Opportunity

Thanin Farm.jpg

For over 30 years, Mr. Thanin Yana has been a pillar of pig farming, navigating the highs and lows with unwavering dedication. Now he's poised for a transformation into a champion of
sustainability and profitability.

CS 10111 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Maneerat Farm

Investment Opportunity

Maneerat Farm.jpg

Mr. Sarayut Morsijai's Maneerat Farm has been cultivating success for over 13 years. Beneath the surface lies an untapped treasure trove of renewable energy. The farm is ready for change and to generate biogas.

CS 10113 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Sujittra Farm

Investment Opportunity

Sujittra Farm.jpg

Sujittra Wongsriprom has been a pig farmer for over a decade, but he hasn't been utilizing his full potential. For years, valuable biogas has been wasted, venting into the air and contributing to harmful emissions.

CS 10116 Thailand

Lampang, Thailand

Nachanok Farm

Investment Opportunity

Nachanok Farm.jpg

For over a decade, Nachanok Farm has been  producing fertilizer and utilizing biogas for its own engine. This project unlocks that potential, transforming wasted biogas into profits for the farm and a cleaner future for everyone.

CS 10118 Thailand

Fang District, Chiang
Mai Province, Thailand

Kaewalin-Bualai Farm

Investment Opportunity

Fang Project CS10118.jpg

The station would collect biogas from surrounding farms and process it, for use as cooking gas. This project would produce economic benefits for pig farmers, environmental benefits through reduced emissions.

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