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The world's answer for clean, renewable energy.

Adsorbed Biogas (ABG) is our solution

for energy independence, cleaner air, and a healthier planet.


ABG Creation and Distribution Cycle

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The world population needs energy to survive and thrive and Cenergy Solutions has the answer to deliver this energy in an economical and clean way to communities worldwide.

Humanity mostly uses fossil fuels from wells and biomass from forests to fulfill their energy needs despite this causing energy to escape into the atmosphere at an estimated rate of 1 trillion cubic meters per year.

While wind and solar are good sources of energy, they do not come close to meeting the energy needs of a developing society. Nuclear and fusion power are still developing and are not stable sources of energy currently.

Methane is leaking from the ground, escaping from oil wells, and being produced every time something organic decays, unfortunately most of this energy is escaping into our atmosphere.  The only sensible option is to capture, store and utilize this energy to replace fossil fuels and biomass burning. 

Adsorbed Biogas (ABG) is the solution for energy independence, cleaner air, and a healthier planet.

What is ABG?

ABG or Adsorbed Biogas, is a groundbreaking technology that allows for biogas to be stored in high densities at low pressure. Activated carbons made from organic materials are put into a cylinder and adsorb methane molecules like a sponge adsorbs water. Cenergy Solutions has patented their proprietary ABG technology in 47 countries with many more patents pending. These patents allow adsorbent technology to be used commercially in countries around the world.

How is ABG different than CNG?

ABG or adsorbed biogas is chemically the same as CNG, RNG or biogas, but contains 3 to 6 times more fuel at lower pressures as a conventional CNG cylinder. Because it is stored at a much lower pressure, it is transported much more safely, efficiently and cost effectively than CNG, LNG or RNG. The cost of compressing is much lower and the efficiency of unloading the gas is easier and without the concern of the gas freezing.

What are the benefits of ABG?

Cenergy Solutions patented ABG systems provides farmers, biomethane plants, sewage plants, landfills and gas wells with an efficient way to store their methane gas so it does not escape into our atmosphere. ABG solutions will give communities cheaper and more sustainable energy solutions while reducing methane emissions. Cenergy Solutions is the only company we know of that has been able to efficiently and cost effectively use this patented technology.

Each year, trillions of cubic meters of methane escapes into the atmosphere.
Ajomo, Nigeria

80% of Nigerians use wood for their cooking and heating needs even though they have an abundance of biogas in their country. Cenergy Solutions’ ABG technology allows this gas to be captured, stored and transported to replace biomass burning and the high cost of burning LPG, giving Nigerians a more sustainable fuel source, limiting deforestation and promoting energy independence.

Cenergy Solutions is working with the Nigerian government and businesses to capture, store, transport and utilize their natural gas for cooking, vehicle operation and electrical generation. The Nigerian Government has given approval for ABG technology use.

Lamphun, Thailand

Cenergy Solutions has built an additional office and factory at their site in Lamphun, Thailand to serve the Asian, African and Middle East markets with their ABG products. Since 2016 Cenergy Solutions has been active in this area by building a biogas cleaning and compression facility to distribute clean biogas to homes and restaurants for cooking along with filling Cenergy’s ABG cylinders to operate vehicles on biogas. 


Thailand has thousands of farms with biogas digesters that are venting the biogas they make. The country requires animal farms to control the smell in their areas which forces them to install biogas digesters to breakdown the waste, to control the smell but by doing so these biogas digesters release hundreds of thousands cubic meters of biogas per day into the atmosphere. Cenergy Solutions' biogas storage and utilization system is now capturing and utilizing this wasted gas to transform communities into independent clean energy producers not polluters.

Imbo, Bujumbura, Burundi

Cenergy Solutions has opened a biogas collection and filling station in Burundi, Africa. BioEco Sarl’s Burundi site had an underground biodigester system for wastewater treatment which was generating biogas for several years that now is being used to cook with instead of charcoal. Burundi is considered the poorest country in the world with 80% of their population burning charcoal to cook with. They now can utilize biogas for a fraction of the cost. Cenergy Solutions biogas also saves time for cooking as customers have stated it takes 50% less time to cook than with charcoal.


Cenergy Solutions in conjunction with an Egyptian partner is demonstrating to the Egyptian government that utilizing ANG technology is a safe and feasible method for filling natural gas cylinders for delivery to remote areas for cooking as a replacement for LPG, a fossil fuel that is currently being used for cooking. The reduction in use of LPG will significantly reduce the cost of cooking fuels in Egypt.


Cenergy Solutions signed an agreement with a Laotian company, to collect biogas that is now being vented in Laos and distribute it to local communities for cooking. The Laotian company will be Cenergy’s Laotian Distributor to utilize Cenergy’s patent pending cleaning systems and patented Adsorbed Biogas Systems to help communities reduce the usage of fossil and biomass fuels with biogas made in their communities. 

California, United States

Cenergy Solutions has a research and development facility in California where it is assessing the cleaning and sweetening of biogas produced in the United States and other countries. At this US facility Cenergy Solutions is utilizing stranded and flared natural and biogas to use for cooking and running vehicles that would normally run on fossil fuels. The replacement of biomass burning, gasoline, diesel, and LPG with natural and biogas will significantly reduce the emissions of methane and other harmful gases into the atmosphere worldwide.

Cenergy Solutions operates in over 9 countries across 4 continents.
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For more information about our services and opportunities, fill out our contact form here, or reach out to us directly using the links below.

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